The Art of Gears of War 3 (The Art of the Game)


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Ballistic Publishing
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Paperback, 272 pages
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The Art of Gears of War 3 takes you behind the scenes of EPIC Games' biggest release for 2011, featuring character and environment concept art as well as production art from the game. The book shows the unseen art that makes Gears of War 3 one of the most anticipated games of the year and talks to the key artists who created the blockbuster game. The Art of Gears of War 3 delves into the process of character and environment concepts with comprehensive galleries of level art, and then shows how those concepts are turned into game art along with character models, storyboards, and marketing art. In addition to the hundred-plus pages of concept art, The Art of Gears of War 3 shares insights from the game's creators, making it an invaluable learning tool for aspiring game artists.